Downtown Edmonton Parking Lots That Help In Chilly Winters

Winter Commute Driving Edmonton Parking Guide

Edmonton is a city that has beautiful snowy winter months. Apart from the wintry charm of the season, there are a lot of driving related hazards cold weather can bring with it. In a city that gets an average annual snowfall of 115 cms, it's worth finding a parking stall that can elevate your winter driving experience. Here are some ways to ease winter driving woes.

Premium Amenities

Some parking facilities in Edmonton have premium amenities. Did you know that you can book your car for auto detailing services when parked at Epcor Tower Parkade? Your vehicle will be picked up, serviced, and dropped back off at the parkade. How's that for convenience during cold winter months?


There are advantages of parking at a heated parking stall. At a heated parkade you avoid the need to scrap ice off a windshield at the end of a long day and you don't have to wait for your car to warm up before exiting the parkade.


Are you familiar with all the parking options around your office building? Pick a parking spot that maximizes your route, so if you can complete a coffee run on your way to work, or there's a day care in the building, consider parking there. There may also be hidden parking spots you haven't heard of so ask about all your options in the area when buying monthly parking.

Ice scraper Edmonton Parking Guide

Pedway Access

It is huge advantage to pick a parking stall that is connected to Edmonton's vast, 13-kilometre pedway system to ensure you can walk indoors during the winter months. Some parkades are even connected to cafes and malls, making it even easier to grab breakfast on the way to work, or fit in a workout before heading back to your vehicle.

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