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What is the Edmonton Tower?

The Edmonton Tower is an office tower located right in the heart of the ICE District. Whether you're headed to the Edmonton Service Centre to renew a license or catching a game at the arena, the Edmonton Tower is at the epicenter of it all.

Where is the Edmonton Tower Parkade located?

10111 104 Avenue Northwest

Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4X1

What can you do at the Edmonton Tower?

The Edmonton Tower is the first office building to be completed in Edmonton's ICE District. The area is home to Rogers Place, Edmonton Service Centre, and many retail, entertainment, and residential properties, including:

Instant Pedway Access to Rogers Place & Ice District

In Edmonton, you have two choices to park at Rogers Place. The Edmonton Tower parkade is the closest parking facility near Rogers Place. When you park here for your next event, you have the option to 'leave your jacket behind'. 

The Ice District has just added new Pedway connections for your warmth and convenience of walking to hot attractions in the area.

In under 10 minutes of walking, you can go from Edmonton Tower through JW Marriott Hotel and onward to Rogers Place and the Grand Villa Casino.

Click on the map to the right to plan your next walking route using the Pedway connections.

Edmonton Pedway Network for Ice District Connections

JW Marriott Hotel - Now Open

Edmonton's newest hotel has officially opened the doors to luxurious guest stays. You may want to consider the JW Marriott for your next trip into Edmonton for the Oilers hockey, concert or other great events that happen at Rogers Place.

The JW Marriott offers some awesome new places that you will want to check out before or after your next event at Rogers Place Edmonton.

Braven Restuarant in JW Marriott Edmonton Hotel

Source: Braven Restaurant in JW Marriott Edmonton Hotel

Where do you park when visiting the Edmonton Tower?

The Edmonton Tower Parkade combines the best in parking technology with a great location. Located right in the middle of Edmonton’s ICE District this parking facility is equipped with a kiosk that can help you find your vehicle, a parking navigation system that guides drivers to an available parking spot, as well as reserved parking spots for Child Care drop-off and pick up.

The Edmonton Tower Parkade can be conveniently accessed from 102 street and 104 Avenue Northwest. This lot is managed by Impark.

Enter & Exit Parkade

Entrance: 102 Street Northwest

Exit: 102 Street Northwest
Edmonton Tower Photo Edmonton Parking Guide

The parkade is brightly lit and easy to navigate

Edmonton Tower Parkade Features

Ease of access is the highlight of the Edmonton Tower Parkade. Lights on the ceiling indicate which parking spots and how many are available.

Can't find your car? Don't worry, the parkade has a kiosk that can help you find out where you parked. It is also colour coded and has reserved child care pick up and drop off parking stalls, windshield wiping stations, and convenient access to Rogers Place and the ICE District.

The parkade is also well-connected to the Pedway system and close to restaurants, City Hall, and Churchill Square.

Edmonton Tower exterior Edmonton Parking Guide

The Edmonton Tower Parkade is steps away from Rogers Place

Tesla Electric Vehicle Charging

Calling all Tesla compatible electric vehicles to now park at Edmonton Tower Parkade. 

We have a total of ten electric vehicle charging stations located on the P1 level of the parking facility. You will find eight Tesla charging stations to use. There are also two, J1772 universal charging stations for other compatible electric vehicles.

Please ensure you know which charging station is compatible for your vehicle before you leave home. 

There are no additional fees charged for parkers who use this exciting amenity at Edmonton Tower Parkade.

Tesla EV Charging Stalls at Edmonton Tower - P1 - by Edmonton Parking Guide
Electric Vehicle Charging Stalls at Edmonton Tower on P1 by The Edmonton Parking Guide

Pedway Access

The Edmonton Tower is connected to the city’s Pedway system. With 13 kilometres of climate-controlled tunnels and bridges, Edmontonians can access businesses, office towers, shops and restaurants in downtown Edmonton. The Pedway system is also connected to the city’s bus and transit system. 

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edmonton_Pedway

Car Finding Kiosk 

Can’t find your car? Head to the Kiosk across from the elevators on the main floor to find out exactly where you parked your vehicle. This parkade is also equipped with a navigation system that guides drivers directly to available parking stalls.

Edmonton Tower Kiosk Edmonton Parking Guide

This kiosk at the Edmonton Tower can help find out where you parked your car

Emergency Call Station

This parkade is equipped with an emergency call station, emergency call buttons, an AED device, and fire extinguishers in case of an emergency. This parkade is also under video surveillance.

Reserved Child Care Pick Up/Drop Off

Dropping off or picking up children from day care? This parkade has reserved 30 minute parking stalls for child care pick up and drop off on level P3.

Premium Small Car Stalls

Drive a small car? We have premium parking stalls designated for small vehicles.

Windshield Wiping Stations

Dirty windshields can quickly becoming a driving hazard. Safety is a big priority at Impark and this parkade is equipped with windshield wiping stations for your convenience.

Emergency Vehicle Service

Having trouble while parked on an Impark lot? Parker Pete is a vehicle assist program for flat tires, a dead car battery, and more. If you need assistance please call toll-free at 1-877-771-PETE (7383). Let Parker Pete know that you are parked at Lot 502, the Edmonton Tower Parkade.

The Parker Pete vehicle assistance program offers the following complimentary services to Impark customers:

Unlock Your Car-Edmonton Parking Guide
Out of Gas-Edmonton Parking Guide
Dead Car Battery-Edmonton Parking Guide
Flat Car Tire-Edmonton Parking Guide

Edmonton Tower Parkade Elevator Directory

This directory will help you explore and navigate the Edmonton Tower.

Edmonton Tower Directory Edmonton Parking Guide

Park and Walk from here to Your Destination

The Edmonton Tower is well connected to Edmonton's downtown venues and attractions. Here's a set of estimated walking times using Google Maps. On average, you can get from the Edmonton Tower Parkade to many destinations in as short as a minute to a seven minute walk. 

You may click on any of the maps following to see the larger view. When done, click on your browser back button to return here for more great parking guide help and directions.

Rogers Place: 1 Minute

Edmonton Tower to Rogers Place Map Edmonton Parking Guide

Edmonton Tower to Rogers Place (Map data: Google)

JW Marriott Hotel: 1 Minute

Walking from Edmonton Tower to JW Marriott Edmonton

Edmonton Tower to Edmonton Service Centre (Map data: Google)

Edmonton Service Centre: 1 Minute

Edmonton Tower To Edmonton Service Centre Map Edmonton Parking Guide

Edmonton Tower to Edmonton Service Centre (Map data: Google)

Grand Villa Casino: 1 Minute

Edmonton Tower to Grand Villa Casino Map Edmonton Parking Guide

Edmonton Tower to Grand Villa Casino (Map data: Google)

City Hall & Churchill Square: 4 Minutes

Edmonton Tower to City Hall Map Edmonton Parking Guide

Edmonton Tower to City Hall (Map data: Google)

Law Courts: 6 Minutes

Edmonton Tower to Law Courts Map Edmonton Parking Guide

Edmonton Tower to Law Courts (Map data: Google)

How much does it cost to park at the Edmonton Tower?

Hourly & Daily Parking Rates

Parking Category

Parking Rate (Includes GST)

Hourly (Mon-Fri)


All Day Maximum


Evening & Weekend (after 6 pm)


Event (for Oilers Games & Concerts)


Event (for Oil Kings Games)


Monthly Parking Promotions

Parking Category

Parking Rate (Includes GST)

Random Underground Heated

(6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.)


Random Underground Heated

(24/7 Full Access)


In the case of a discrepancy between the rates shown here and those displayed at the lot, the rates at the lot shall prevail.

How do I pay for Parking at the Edmonton Tower?

The Edmonton Tower has two Pay Stations located across from the elevators on each floor of the parkade. The parkade is colour coded to make it easier to find your vehicle. To pay for parking enter the vehicle's license plate number in to the Pay Station, choose the duration of time you will be parking for and then proceed to complete payment. You do not need to display the receipt on in your car. You can also pay for parking at the Edmonton Tower Parkade using the Hang Tag App which can be found on Google Play and iTunes.

What is hangTag?

hangTag Logo

hangTag™ is a new parking platform that allows you to pay for parking right from your smartphone in a few easy steps. Parking just got a little better. Available now at more than 900 locations across Canada. (Source: https://hangtag.io/)

How to Setup hangTag in Under 2 Minutes

Play the video below for a step-by-step walkthrough of how you can setup your hangTag account in under two minutes. Ready? Press play to start the video.

Click below to get the right App for your phone:

Get hangTag with GooglePlay by Edmonton Parking Guide
Get hangTag with AppStore by Edmonton Parking Guide

Pay Station Photo Tour

Edmonton Tower Pay Station P1 Edmonton parking Guide

Pay Stations on Level P1 (Orange)

Edmonton Tower P3 Pay Station Edmonton Parking Guide

Pay Stations on Level P3 (Green)

Edmonton Tower Pay Station P2 Edmonton Parking Guide

Pay Stations on Level P2 (Yellow)

Edmonton Tower Elevators Edmonton Parking Guide

The Pay Stations on Level P4 (Purple) are across from the elevators

Need Help Finding Your Parking Space?

More Questions?

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