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Meet Shirley

Value Park Business Traveller Edmonton Parking Guide

Shirley saves herself time and money by parking at Value Park

Shirley is a lawyer in Edmonton who is headed to Toronto for a conference. She wanted the convenience of being able to drive her car to the airport instead of hauling her belongings between cabs or taking the chance that she may forget one of her important files in a vehicle that is not her own.

Shirley got an amazing rate at the already well-priced Value Park parking facility by booking online.

She heads to Edmonton airport on Thursday afternoon and parks at Value Park. She then hops onto the Value Park Shuttle which is picking up customers right as she pulls in. She's at the airport in minutes. 

Shirley can now relax, get through airport security, and enjoy a cup of coffee, knowing her car (and all those files) are waiting for her upon her return.

On her way back she takes advantage of the Premium Outlet Collection shopping mall located just a few minutes away from Value Park and enjoys a shopping break before making her way home.

What is Value Park?

Value Park is an outdoor parking facility located right at Edmonton Airport.

Where is Value Park located?

1000 Airport Rd

Nisku, Alberta, Canada T9E 0V3

Where do you park when flying out of Edmonton Airport?

Value Park is an outdoor parking facility right at Edmonton airport.

Enter & Exit Parkade

Entrance: ​Airport Road

Exit: Airport Road

Value Park Stalls Edmonton Parking Guide

Value Park Features

Value Park is a fenced parking facility with shuttle service to Edmonton airport. It is located right next to the main terminal, so you have the option of walking over to the airport or getting on a warm shuttle bus to take you there. This facility also features a vehicle assistance program called Park Assist.

Value Park Stalls Edmonton Parking Guide

Value Park is just steps away from Edmonton Airport

Clear Signage

It's easy to remember where you parked thanks to the clear signs at Value Park. Just remember the row number. Came back from a long trip and still forgot where you parked? Value Park will help you find your vehicle.

Shuttle Service

The Value Park facility has shuttle service for your comfort. Right at the entrance, an electronic sign displays where the next shuttle pick up will be from. Stay warm and head to the airport with ease. When you're arriving back at Edmonton airport, the shuttle picks up passengers at doors 5 and 9 on the arrivals level.

ValuePark Shuttle Edmonton Parking Guide

Carpool Stalls

Value Park has designated carpool stalls available. 


The parking facility is fenced and security patrolled. 

Emergency Vehicle Service

If your vehicle experiences an issue while parked at Value Park, such as a flat tire or dead battery, Park Assist can help. Call EIA Park Assist at 780-890-8983 and tell the operator that you are parked at the Value Park parking facility. All calls received will be coordinated by our staff – with service performed by an authorized third-party. 

The EIA Park Assist program offers the following complimentary services to customers:

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EIA Park Assist Shovel Edmonton Parking Guide

Directions to Value Park

Value Park is located right next to Edmonton Airport. See below for detailed instructions on how to get there.

You may click on any of the maps following to see the larger view. When done, click on your browser back button to return here for more great parking guide help and directions.

Directions Overview

Edmonton Airport Map 2

Step 1

                                                                      (When driving from Downtown Edmonton towards the airport)

Value Park to Edmonton Airport Map 1 Edmonton Parking Guide

From AB-2 S take Exit 522 towards Edmonton Airport (Map data: Google)

Step 2

Value Park to Edmonton Airport Map 2 Edmonton Parking Guide

Keep right at the fork and merge onto Airport Road (Map data: Google)

Step 3

Value Park to Edmonton Airport Map 3 Edmonton Parking Guide

Continue for 1.3 kilometres then turn left towards Value Park (Map data: Google)

Directions from Value Park to Area Amenities

Premium Outlet Collection: 6 Minutes

Value Park to Premium Outlet Collection Map Edmonton Parking Guide

Value Park to Premium Outlet Collection (Map data: Google)

7-Eleven: 4 Minutes

Value Park to 7-Eleven Map Edmonton Parking Guide

Value Park to 7-Eleven (Map data: Google)

How much does it cost to park at Value Park?

Daily & Weekly Parking Rates

Parking Category

Self-serve Rate

Cashier Rate

1/2 hour












In the case of a discrepancy between the rates shown here and those displayed at the lot, the rates at the lot shall prevail.

How do I pay for Parking at Value Park?

There are three different ways to pay at Value Park. You can either purchase parking online prior to your arrival, pay as you exit the facility at the exit lane, or pay at one of the many Pay Stations located inside the airport terminal. For their exact locations and further information, please refer to the Pay Station photo tour below.

Please Note: If you've purchased parking online, you will need the same credit card to validate payment as you exit the facility.

Pay Station Photo Tour

Value Park Pay Station Exit Edmonton Parking Guide

You can pay for parking at the Value Park exit lane

Value Park Pay Station Gate 5 Edmonton Parking Guide

Pay Station at Gate 5

Value Park Pay Station 10 Edmonton Parking Guide

Pay Station at Gate 10

Value Park Pay Station 27 Edmonton Parking Guide

Pay Station at Gate 27

Value Park Pay Station Gate 8 Edmonton Parking Guide

Pay Station at Gate 8

Value Park Pay Station 2 Edmonton Parking Guide

Pay Station at Gate 29

More Questions?

Have any further questions? Call Value Park at 780-890-8998 or Toll-Free at 1-877-890-8998 Alternatively, e-mail