Where to Park at Edmonton Airport

There are a lot of parking options at Edmonton Airport. From a cell-phone parking lot to valet and long-term facilities, we've created a guide to navigate all the parking options. Here's what you need to know about parking at Edmonton airport, how to get the best rates, and how to pick a parking facility that suits your needs.

Get the Best Rate

The best way to get a discounted rate for parking at the airport is to book in advance. Most of the parking facilities offer a steep discount if you pay for parking over 7 days in advance. Travelling in less than seven days? No problem. Opt for the self-serve rate at the parking facility instead of the cashier rate to get the best deal possible.

Know Your Options

There are a lot of convenient parking options at the airport. Find details of each facility in our guides that will help you find the perfect match for your comfort and convenience.

Did you know?

Edmonton Airport has a complimentary emergency vehicle assistance program called Park Assist. So whether you're having trouble finding your car after a long vacation or a vehicle's battery dies, call Park Assist at 780-890-8983 to help out.

Value Park Pay Station 2 Edmonton Parking Guide

Quick Visit

If you're headed to the airport for a quick pick up or drop off, wait at the cell phone parking lot (located inside jetSet parking) or park at Rendez-vous Meeting Point, which is located right at the curb of the Arrivals level. This parking facility has a maximum time limit of 45 minutes.

Parking Options for Leisure Travel

Whether you're going to Disneyland with children or backpacking in South America for two weeks, it's nice to have the convenience of having your own car right at the airport. jetSet Parking has both valet and self-park options, Value Park picks up customers right at their vehicle, and Easy Parkade is just across the walkway from the main terminal.

For the Business Traveller

If you are a business traveller or looking for premium parking option, check out Priority Valet. You can drop off your vehicle right at the Departures level and head straight to your flight. Your vehicle will be waiting for you upon your return. Priority Valet also has a concierge service so if you'd like your vehicle fueled or serviced, or would like the concierge to pick up groceries, simply let the guest services agent know. Other good options for business travellers are Easy Parkade, located across the street from the main terminal, which is also where Executive Park is located, and Value Park, a short walk or shuttle bus ride away from the main terminal.

For Charter Flights

Are you flying out of the Executive Flight Centre or another charter terminal at Edmonton Airport? There are three surface parking lots close to charter terminals at the airport. The Canadian North Parking is across from the Executive Flight Centre and QuickPark North and QuickPark South are closer to the North Cariboo Air terminal. A shuttle bus runs between all charter terminals including the Edmonton Shell AeroCentre and the main Edmonton Airport terminal, so you can get to and from your vehicle easily.

Book Before You Fly

five parking options at Edmonton International Airport. Book now and save

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